Why choose us?

So you’re looking at us, we’re happy to hear that! Throughout our history BEX has not invested a considerable amount in our marketing effort. In fact, as a result of our humble approach to marketing, most of our business has been the result of word of mouth referrals or customer testimonials and selling through our sales teams. We’ve been quietly going about our core business, that being the fast routing and delivery of packages for our customers for the past 18 years. In fact, in 2011, we delivered over six million kilograms of cargo throughout South Africa, Africa and the world…now that’s a considerable number of packages.

Over that time we have successfully integrated our shipping systems with a number of our customers, offering them tremendous visibility, and subsequently pro-active control in the management of their freight distributions. At BEX we believe that the data surrounding your package is vital for effective reporting and brings visibility to your courier distributions. With rich data comes insightfulness, and by arming our customers with the right technology tools they can make insightful management decisions, based on hard facts rather than gut feel, bringing maximum returns to their businesses. One such example is our investment into mobile courier technology.

This custom software development arms our drivers with a mobile computer device that is used to control and monitor the delivery performance of our drivers. Real-time tracking and shipment delivery notifications, sign on screen electronic signature images, FICA delivery compliance, fleet utilisation statistics, etc. All are made possible through our deployment of this technology into the field. You can find more information on our I.T page.

Privately owned, ensuring accountability and responsibility for your goods throughout the business.
BEX is a privately owned company and our hubs are not franchised to individuals. Our warehouse infrastructure and vehicles, which range from 1400′s to 8 ton trucks, are all BEX owned and operated and are able to cater for clients shipping one envelope a month to tons of packages each day.

Network coverage and reach
Many local couriers claim not to use subcontractors. Many of these claims, when investigated, prove to be misleading. The BEX courier model employs the use of sister companies. These companies are individual businesses whose primary focus is to serve the smaller centres throughout South Africa. It is through this structure that BEX can offer you superior network reach, and importantly, frequency of delivery into these regional areas of South Africa, an all too often overlooked factor when shipping with a provider who delivers ‘everything themselves’.

 Highly skilled team of people at your disposal
BEX works closely with TETA (Transport Education and Training Authority), an industry training body that offers education courses covering the many different skills that are required so as to successfully and effectively manage a customers distribution needs. The result, highly trained staff who make an impact, thus ensuring your experience when dealing with BEX is of the highest standard. From the customer service staff, to the account management team, to I.T and the forklift drivers, all departments have and continue to undergo ongoing training.

Show me the savings
With our large freight volumes on the airlines, BEX is able to offer its customers competitive rates to nearly all destinations worldwide. Whether it be with the airlines from Johannesburg to Cape Town, into Africa, or across the world, BEX’s long forged relations with our suppliers ensure that we are able to offer you access into a world class express courier network, at importantly, an affordable price. Even better, with our International partners we are able to quickly adapt to the changes in the International Air Freight market. BEX monitors and assesses the performance of our International partners so as to carefully select the right handler for the right destination. This ensures that we can offer you a high quality service when your goods need to go overborder, under what are at times challenging and variable conditions. This is an important consideration when choosing a courier partner into places such as those found throughout Africa.

Security and peace of mind
Trust us with your possessions. In a recent audit BEX was identified as having an insurance claim ratio that is approximately half of the industry norm – Freightwise October 2011

Our Johannesburg facility has over 60 CCTV cameras on site; with area overlapping surveillance which monitors multiple angles of the same place. We’re certain that the eyes of our recording system will have your goods covered throughout the facility sorting process. With time synchronization between our surveillance and shipping systems, we are able to easily identify your package at key scan points which eases the tracing process significantly. Lastly, once the goods leave our facilities, our mobile device tracking scans will ensure that no parcels go unaccounted for whilst in transit towards the delivery destination. A vehicle seal is the final level of security, offering you total piece of mind.

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